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After seven years, "XXXX" persistence finally got tea friends recognized, obtained the market cognition. We always insist on doing old pure material, not to fight with, not speculation, do early spring material single. Adhere to the traditional drying green technology Pu'er Tea tea, handmade tea, traditional bandaging, ensure Pu'er Tea tea flavor. We know that a good Pu'er Tea tea is determined by a good raw material, so from the beginning of the 09 year, we and Gu Shushan established a long-term cooperation relationship.


1, a comprehensive listing of XX tea food 

2, Division I was awarded the title of leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization

3, "XX world" won the provincial famous Tieguanyin tea Silver Reinstall the XX XX store opened in 

4, tea

Really do tea, real life 

Adhere to good quality, 

the achievement of XXXX 

Uphold the integrity of management, 

let us more eternal