Benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, faith, is the core ofConfucian thought.

Confucian philosopher Emmanuel after years of the baptism of wind and cloud, the wisdom still shining. Confucian tea, in the Confucian idea, uphold the deep roots of Chinese culture, vigorously carry forward the excellentculture of tea, go on the rich characteristics of the times "Confucian" brand road......

Ren - establish brand awareness benevolent, love.

This theory is the core of the Confucian ideological system. Confucian teauphold love philosophy, caring for the quality, consider others in one's own place, joined the cooperation, hand in hand, to achieve a win-win situation,the establishment of the "awareness of Confucian" brand.

Yi - raise awareness of Confucian thought behavior to "justice" as theprinciple of. Confucian tea threw toward the road of the brand, promote the tea culture, to promote the development of tea industry. Righteousnessprinciple, love student, education act, island in the sky, embodies the socialresponsibility of Confucian tea obligatory sense ", improve the awareness of Confucian" brand.

Li - achievement brand reputation

"Ceremony" is a code of ethics of confucianism. Warm and friendly, tea to guests, is Chinese nation's fine tradition of virtue and goodness. "There are friends from afar, awfully," Confucian tea is more

Treat our friends, honest friends, show the civilized etiquette style, the nameDe, enjoy popular confidence, achievement of "Confucian" brand reputation.

Zhi - rich brand association

The wise man "known", this is the basic category of the Confucianepistemology and ethics. Confucian tea collective wisdom, sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, map out a strategy. Confucian tea is like a dark horse era, dash, in the vast sea of their heroic tea, rich "Confucian" brand association.

The letter - enhance brand loyalty

"Letter" is an important principle of interpersonal communication in thetraditional Confucian ethics. Confucian tea treat people with sincerity, to the letter materials, establish a good corporate image, tea friends throughout all corners of the country, and enhance the "confucian"

Brand loyalty.

Thought is the guide to action. Confucian tea, mind the world, have the whole world in view, creating famous brand, striving for the 100 year old company, let the "national drink" and "Ancient Chinese Literature Search"Qi Hui, the world heritage.​

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